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Recognize what you do well.
Humble yourself in recognition of where you struggle.
Get help and lower your personal and business opportunity costs.

The mission of Tounsel Consulting is to identify and understand the expectations of our clients and set requirements based on those expectations. We will meet those requirements 100% of the time by doing things right the first time. We strive to combine our best thinking with your best people to create straightforward, results-oriented collaboration.


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  • Punch List. 2019

    So you made it. 2019. It is 20 years after Prince’ 1999. Some reading this wonder how you lived this long! Others wonder what will be different this new year. Here is a punch list (or reality check) for those willingly to look in the mirror and truly self-assess. As you stare away wondering about some of the items listed, ask yourself, what am I going to do about it? Because some of us only identify ourselves through work, I dropped some punch list nuggets into buckets.

    It’s all about me!

    • 1. I must stop pretending. I have a problem.
    • 2. Face it. I am not bullet-proof. Get a physical exam.
    • 3. Am I identified by my work?
    • 4. Have I become a control freak?
    • 5. How am I really perceived?
    • 6. Do I live in fear?
    • 7. Is anger my comfort zone?
    • 8. What do I really care about?
    • 9. I really do not like people.
    • 10. O.K., so money is over-rated!
    • 11. I do not know how to communicate.
    • 12. Why am I in this car!?

    It’s all about us!

    • 1. Is it time for me to let something or someone go?
    • 2. Is it racism or discrimination, or do I feel entitled?
    • 3. He is not “The One”.
    • 4. She is not “The One”.
    • 5. Does my family prefer I not come home from work?
    • 6. It is time for me to shut-up!

    It’s all about the work!

    • 1. Do I need to lower my expectations?
    • 2. Am I ready for my next job opportunity?
    • 3. Has my compensation potential peaked?
    • 4. Am I a manager in a leadership role?
    • 5. Do I have an exit strategy?
    • 6. I am scared of job empowerment?
    • 7. I justify myself through busyness.

    My guess is that some of these thoughts were uncomfortable. Some sparked a call to action. Either way, stop pretending. Some feelings do not really past. Step out on faith! Ambiguity is here to stay. 2019 is a New Year. What will be happy about it?